Who’s the criminal?

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I don’t know if I’m getting old or I’m just turning really grumpy but I’m really starting to get hacked off with every day occurances in the news these days. In todays news there’s an article about some poor soul who got beaten to death on Halloween for no reason other than he was sticking up for his girlfriend who just had her costume hat taken from her and spat in.

Any decent fella, boyfriend of victim or not, would stand up for a lady and chow down some clown who thinks he’s “cool” by being a prick and ruining someone elses night, that’s, no doubt, a given. What is strange is how someone, or some people, think it is then OK to take one step further and beat a man to death for sticking up for his lady friend. Even these low-lives that clearly have less than half a brain cell can see the utter stupidity in such an act, so why do it?
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Facebook ruined me

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For around 15 years I’ve lived a double life, I’ve kept secrets from my “online friends” and “offline friends” alike, I’ve hidden who I am and that all came crashing down with the invention of Facebook.

I’ve been online since year 9 of high school which would have made me about 13. Back then I think 28.8k modems were all the rage and meant you were ‘super fast’ compared to the 14.4k versions. I remember my first time online with MSN, I had spent a minute connecting to find that there was absolutely no difference online to offline, atleast, that was my first thought.  Then I discovered Microsoft Comic Chat and it changed my world. I spent hours on MSNs IRCX chat servers talking to people from across the pond although I was a kid, I had no sense of maturity in “real life”, let alone online, and swiftly became banned from MSN for being a general pillock.  Who knew a SysOp could actually ban you from a chatroom!
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Facebook vs Worldwide news

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Now I know I don’t write on this thing very often (mainly because I hate the design (I know I made it!) and no one frikkin reads this thing anyway, so what’s the point?) but someone just wrote something on Facebook which has actually kind of annoyed me.

Social media, as it’s now called, generally doesn’t annoy me, no matter what people write, as I know it’s really quite simple to miss-read something, take it in the wrong context or generally those who do try to annoy you aren’t worth the binary code the annoyance is written in, however, this person has kinda annoyed me and as I would consider her a good friend (we’ve known each other about 7 years?) I won’t mention her name but thought I would express my dismay at reading her Facebook comment.
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Apatow world

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So, last night during my last minute dash to finish this website, TweetDeck (my twitter-client of choice) pinged up a new tweet from Digg (the “popularity” site) with a link to a site called College Humor (yes, it’s American, hence the spelling).  Out of random curiosity I hit the link posted and stumbled upon a brilliant little website!  Writing this now, I should actually be packing my car for my trip to Leicester but since 9am I’ve done nothing, absolutely nothing, but sift through this entire site and I don’t think I’ve actually finished seeing it all.

I wanted to post a video from it that I thought was funny but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick a single one (trust me, they are brilliant) but I have finally picked one, that, strangely might not be the best, and isn’t immediately obvious what the video is about, but the tune is so damn catchy.

To explain the video, it’s basically about how the [enable American terminolgy] “douchebag” or “loser” gets the hot girls in TV shows/films, and when you find out who Judd Apatow is, it becomes even more clear!

A brilliant video from a brilliant website.  Visit College Humor now!


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