Facebook ruined me

0 comments / in Personal25 October 2009

For around 15 years I’ve lived a double life, I’ve kept secrets from my “online friends” and “offline friends” alike, I’ve hidden who I am and that all came crashing down with the invention of Facebook.

I’ve been online since year 9 of high school which would have made me about 13. Back then I think 28.8k modems were all the rage and meant you were ‘super fast’ compared to the 14.4k versions. I remember my first time online with MSN, I had spent a minute connecting to find that there was absolutely no difference online to offline, atleast, that was my first thought.ย  Then I discovered Microsoft Comic Chat and it changed my world. I spent hours on MSNs IRCX chat servers talking to people from across the pond although I was a kid, I had no sense of maturity in “real life”, let alone online, and swiftly became banned from MSN for being a general pillock.ย  Who knew a SysOp could actually ban you from a chatroom!
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