Disable unity web apps for firefox

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In Ubuntu 12.10 a cool new feature, Unity WebApps, allows you to treat certain compatible websites as actual system apps with launcher icons and HUD menu access etc.

While this is a fun, ability, I can’t see many websites picking it up on the large scale as it only specifically affects Ubuntu 12.10 at the minute (I’m sure other distros will port it over but I don’t really see the point).

Some big players have enabled this on their site at the minute, including Gmail and BBC News, so it was worth a play, mainly for the notifications you get on new posts etc but at the end of the day, it’s just a website running in its own browser window with all the added browser bloat.

Alas, I’m now bored of it and want it to stop asking me everytime I browse a damned website that supports it.

Quite simply disable it in Edit > Preferences > General tab > Desktop Integration.


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Link used: www.webupd8.org/2012/09/unity-webapps-available-in-ubuntu-1210.html
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Google rank: 8 (same site was 8th but Google provided more relevent answers in the top 3)


Ubuntu change scrollbar background colour

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I haven’t updated to Ubuntu 12.10 yet (mainly because I was waiting for any fixes to be released, if required) but something that has been bugging me for ages is the scrollbar; the background is light grey but so is the scroll so you can’t actually tell where the hell in a document you are.

Alas, I’ve fixed it and can see it perfectly!

Simply open the theme file, as root, in your favourite text editor (gedit here):

gksu gedit /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

Find one section:

style “scrollbar” = “button” {

Change one line:

FIND: bg[NORMAL] = @bg_color
Replace with: bg[NORMAL] = shade (0.6, @bg_color)


Search term: ubuntu change scrollbar background colour
Link used: askubuntu.com/questions/103246/how-to-change-the-color-of-the-scroll-bar
Google rank: 2nd


Blogging how-to

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While I sit here on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, thinking of my next blog post it suddenly struck me that there is a fine art to documenting your presence online.  Anyone can successfully write an online diary but the whole idea of this blogging craze is for people to actually read what you write and hopefully come back continually as you plod on through life and indeed progress your cyber-presence from a diary to a blog.

What is the difference?  It’s simple really, a diary is just that, a log of your day to day life, maybe thoughts or adventures, either in note form or a more story-based form, maybe intended for a few close friends with the hope or acceptance that someone may stumble across it or simply for yourself to look back on from time to time.  A blog (web log), however, is written with the intention that people will willingly look for it or read it, with the hope that anyone who stumbles upon it, will come back again and again to read what wonderous issues you have to ponder today.  It should be written with the express intent to entice people into wanting to read more, for either good reasons or bad reasons, these of course both being valid reasons non the less and only does it become a valid blog once people actively engage in it.  There is no point having a blog with no visitors.
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